Sunday, September 18, 2011

image vs flesh

the impact of sunlight on my bare skin
the wind messing my hair
sand between my toes
I want to be there.
No flat photo will do.

This for the Poetry Jam. Join the jelly here!


The Bug said...

Oh man this is so true. The picture I used for my poem is a place I would LOVE to explore.

haikulovesongs said...

i keep waiting for transporters to be built...

love your photograph as well as your poem.

thank you for all of your kind assistance with the Jam. {smile}
dani ♥

twinklysparkles said...

Nicely done. Can I have your first line for my own? Make it the whole thing for that matter....well, I guess I do have it. Thanks, it's lovely. twinkly

Enchanted Oak said...

This is like an un-prompt poem. Visual and sensual. Nice.

NanU said...

Exactly, Chris.
Sometimes I am 'prompted' to gag.

Jinksy said...

Bare skin? Plus sun bloc, please I burn easily. *smiles*

Morning said...

elegant words..
love it, pleasant imagery.