Friday, September 9, 2011

More wandering about Stockholm

Things are still crazy-busy at the lab, so I'm just going to post pictures, not some long-winded story like I like to do. We were walking along one of the many waterfronts when we came across these mailboxes for the houseboats moored just behind me here.
 A bird. Yep, lots of birds in Stockholm. The water is pretty clean, and there are lots of green spaces, so there are lots of birds.

This one island was pretty much all park, with a few museums and some historical homes that were sort-of museum, sort-of somebody's home.
What self-respecting park would be without a swingset?
As you know, I must swing whenever I see one. Makes me think, if I get out the door early enough I should stop by the park in Romagnat tonight...
 Lighthouse boat!
 Luis went over to check out the motorized thingy randomly crisscrossing somebody's yard. It's an automatic mower! Like those self-guided vacuum cleaners for the house, only this one cuts the grass for you. It had so much territory to cover, though, that the result was kind of patchy. And you can see its tracks all over.
 Here's Luis kindly setting up a Maurice Moment for us.
And then it was about time to go back to our hosts for dinner.
I had just the one full day in the city, and we never did go out for a proper meal (only lunch in a sandwich shop), so there will be no going on about the food. Though I will say that the Peruvian fare in different people's homes was a treat.
The next day was a nice, quiet one: five hours on the train to Copenhagen watching the countryside go by and thinking about nothing much. Then a leisurely lunch at the airport. Once in Paris I decided again to take it slow and not rush to make the last train home to Clermont (which I had a 50-50 chance of missing even if I tried). The cats were under Marc's care for another day anyway. So I splurged on a nice hotel just down the street from my favorite Paris bookstores and savored my night in.

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