Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stockholm boat tour

Downtown waterfront
In Stockholm last week we had just one full day to see the city. What you get when you arrive at midnight one day and have to leave on the 8 am train the next! My friends stayed on for the whole weekend, but I had to get to my flight in Copenhagen, stop in Paris, and then get back to my kittybits. They miss me so.

Old sailing ship now a youth hostel. Interesting digs!
Other friends had recommended taking one of the many boat tours around the many islands that the city is built on, and that turned out to be a great idea. We took a 2-hour tour of the principal sights, which had very nice commentary broadcast. Sometimes I hate that because the sound is awful or the talk just lame or boring or annoying, but this one was really good. Not too much, not too little. And the guy didn't try to crack bad jokes.

Some of the other passengers on the tour.

 It was nice being in the boat for the few minutes that it rained, but shooting photos through the only moderately clean windows was a drawback. And you could only really see one side of the channel or the other at any time, but fortunately there were so few passengers you could go back and forth at will. The ten outdoor seats at the back of the boat were firmly taken by a bunch of beer-drinkers, but I did stand out there a few times.
Reclaiming more land for Stockholm

A bit of passing graffiti. I didn't get many graffiti pix this trip, but there was some awesome stuff out there.

One of the many many many marinas around town. Waterfront apartment blocks have their own docks.

Some of Stockholm's thousands of boats float no more...

BAD! That means indoor swimming pool.

The superhuge cruiser dwarfed anything else we saw.

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Michelle Anne Rufino said...

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