Tuesday, September 6, 2011

just a peek

I was in Sweden for a few days last week, visiting friends. No time to blog since getting back, but I'll give you this preview...
Mev with her companion Luis and her Mom welcoming me to Lund

A walk around the university campus showed just how beautiful non-french schools can be!

One of the main shopping streets

These groups of yellow chairs were everywhere, in preparation for the Humor Festival

Train to Stockholm coming! Time to go.


Titus said...

Peek! Are you still on holiday?! It feels like you've been on holiday all summer!

NanU said...

Only three weeks and scattered days, all told. I think I just got around more this year than most.
Vacation season is definitely over, though, as everybody is back and my classes & seminars are looming. No more short workdays!

Rachel Fox said...

I've never been to Sweden - would love to go!