Thursday, June 18, 2015

Down the Gardon

Thursday. Time to go canoeing down the Gardon. It's hot out, and being on the water will do us some good. Since I'm blogging this with 2 weeks delay, from my office, there will be less and less text. Just enjoy the pix.
2-person kayaks piled up at Kayak Vert. There are just as many blue canoes off to the right, and red canoes off to the left, for two of the other outfits wishing to rent you a float and a one-way bus ride. I shudder to think of the summer season when all these boats will be in use at once! Wall to wall people. Today is not a school holiday, so it's okay.

 There it is, as promised! The Pont du Gard.

We predicted just under 4 hours for the 8 km float, with a generous stop for lunch along the way, and many minutes trying to capture those pretty dragonflies on camera. Right on time at the pullout - we were the last kayak on the rack, no hanging around waiting for a full load.

Then later we played bridge in Vaison again. The evening game there has as many tables as they do in the afternoon, which is nice. Much more amusing to come in first than in the middle, too. A bit more regular practice and we can do really well together.

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