Monday, June 22, 2015

Last day

Sunday there's the annual community garage sale in Sarrians. A wonder people think they're going to sell any of that stuff. Except the baby clothes, that get outgrown before they're much used. But the rest of the junk? Are you kidding? Do people take it home again and refill their garages, or once it's out of the house it's out for good and goes in the trash?
The farmers market is hidden away among the rows of castoffs, and we fill up on olives and tapenade, and apricots.
I saw a report once on the world's smallest birds, hummingbirds the size of moths. I don't remember where they lived. There are some colorful little beasts that flit very very fast around the flowers at the front of the house. They don't act like insects. Bees, wasps, butterflies: insects usually land to feed, but these hover, so I thought they might be those tiny birds.
So I sat out there with the camera and took dozens of shots to get a handful in focus.

Nah, just a chunky moth.

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