Saturday, June 20, 2015

There was also a giant metal ant

Saturday we had intended, originally, to have packed up the night before in order to hit the road bright and early and make it to Issoire by 2 for the annual bridge fest there. We like the club in Issoire.
But, well, it's nice down here too; all this sun, and the pool is finally filled and clean and ready to swim in. And we've nearly finished off that great tapenade from the Moroccan at the market, who'll be there again on Sunday but not before. Oh, and the traffic. Weekend traffic on the A7 is just hell.
Tell the cat guy to come around for another couple of days, and we'll go back Monday.

Besides, this way we not only get to sleep in, but there's treasure hunting at the junk market in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon Saturday morning. Where I got my dinosaur last year.

Oooh, look! Stone kitty! Or concrete. There are two, and I could put them like lions at the entrance to my house. But I do not get the kitties after all. They are really heavy. Instead, I bought a goat. The goat is quite light.
There was a rabbit, too. Really a hare, and I would have said giant hare before encountering one in the flesh in Normandy a couple of summers back and realizing they really are that big. A nice bright blue hare, up on its hind legs looking around. If you took the legs off the goat and stood it on its butt and made it blue, the hare would be almost that big.

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