Friday, June 19, 2015


Let's go get some more wine.
Vinsobres is one of JP's preferred places for that, though he had never visited the town perched on its hill, only the cellars along the road. So let's fix that.
Yep, lots and lots and lots of vineyards around here. If not vines, then olives or cherries or lavender or salad, or a hundred things.
That's a well, with its little hat.
Not all the direction signs are so nice.
See! Olives and lavender, both at once. The grapes are behind me.

Then it's off for a quick tour of the touristy town of Isle sur Sorgue, where there's a particular shop for olives and all sorts of provençal jams and herbs. It's a cute place, but along one side of the stream just one restaurant after another, and on the other side a solid line of antique & artsy junk places. ooo, I would like to see some of that junk, but darn if it isn't closing time. Well done! I do very much like the submerged ear.

And, it's poppy season. I insist on stopping at this one wheat field particularly invaded by flowers, where my kindly chauffeur waits patiently for me to cross the busy road and slog all the way to the far side of the field in order to have the sun in the right direction.

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