Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Photos someday

So you’re possibly wondering, what about those new cats.
Still in hiding.

Tyson is Out. He likes it out there. He is Out a lot, and I hardly see him.

Mia is In. She is in the library. Occassionally she is in the kitchen, in fact I found her there this morning, having a snack just as I got up to make coffee. She hissed at me as usual and made her way back to the library. She did not run as fast as she used to, nor did she cower in fear. So that’s progress.

Whenever Sienne passes in front of the library doorway, she takes a peek, just to check. Sienne is really Top Cat now, and she loves lording it over the others. Not the meek, cowardly Sienne I used to have, who needed companionship. I got her companions, and she treats them like enemies. She is indeed no longer bored and nervous, but it’s not the turn of mood I was hoping for. It has been more than a month now, and they should start getting along.

Next month there will be yet another cat, though just for a couple of weeks. Bella is coming back while her folks are on vacation, and it's just a bit long to be tossed outside with a big bowl of kibble in the garage.

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