Monday, March 23, 2009

The carefully sorted remains

I love train yards.
I love poking around and taking pictures of the junk. From the wrong angle it looks like just scattered piles, but no, the junk is rusting quietly in neatly sorted piles. Piles that are laid out in rows, with little alleys you can walk along to take stock. The disused rails are even labelled. I guess all this means I shouldn't call it "junk", but a lot of it has certainly been there on the ground for years.


hele said...

Ah, how your beautiful photos make me yearn to travel. I love the way the spring sunshine echoes the autumn sunshine here in the southern hemisphere.

Barry said...

Surprising the beauty in "junk".

When seen with a photographer's eye.

haitham said...

I love taking pictures of "junk"--sometimes I think it's more meaningful than "nature!"