Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fabrie, suite et fin

Just a few more pictures from last weekend in the snow. In just the last few days most of the remaining white stuff has disappeared, and yesterday it got up to 18°C, quite spring-like. So I'm lucky we didn't put off the weekend once again, because it may well have been the last chance this year.

These are from a stroll around the fields surrounding La Fabrie, up to the hamlet of Anglard. I was going to take some pictures of the big fat chickens wandering around the farmyards, but the farmers going about their business all around made me a little too self-concious for that.

Then in the afternoon Jerome and I stopped by a local waterfall that we had never been to, in spite of passing by the parking spot many times. William always said it was nothing much, but if we didn't see for ourselves we'd never know. You get used to things you're always around, and inured to the beauty of surroundings that become ordinary. For people who live here, making a special trip to see, and spending hours tramping around, taking pictures of stupid trees and empty fields, seems rather a strange thing to do.


haitham said...

Thanks so much for the birthday wish! It was nice to read. I'm glad you got to see the snow before it was whisked away in the arms of spring : ) It looks like you had a pearl of a day.

Si's blog said...

Great pictures. Really enjoy seeing France vicariously.