Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Robins

Spring is here.
I know this because the cats are going out a lot more, and Natalie is starting to spend the night outside.
I also know it because of the robins and other birds starting to make themselves heard in the garden.
So last night Natalie was out, and she got a little hungry out there, and this morning there was a nice little robin head on my kitchen doorstep.
Gee, thanks, Nat. Just what I needed to start my day.


Si's blog said...

You do not appreciate the gifts? She saved you the best part.

sciencegirl said...

I said thank you.
If I'm not careful she'll bring guests into the house and chase them all around - this means I can't leave the windows open if I'm not right there. The wounded shrew under the fridge was a little too much adventure.