Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get Milk!

Guest author today: my niece Ellie, age seven.

Topic: Milk (Ellie had to pretend to be "Milk" and persuade the child to drink her)

Psst! Hey, kid, over here. I'm Milk. You should drink me! Here are some reasons why. First, if you do not drink me, you will be weak. You will not have energy for anything. If you are weak, you can break your bones easier. Secondly, your teeth will fall out! If your teeth fall out, you might have to put fake teeth in. You would not like to put in fake teeth. But most importantly, I taste good! To make me taste good, you could put chocolate in me. You can put whip cream in me too! That is why you should drink me. If you don't drink me, your teeth will fall out or you will be weak. Also, you will not know how good I taste. So start drinking me now!


Si's blog said...

My wife is going for a colonoscopy today. It involves drinking huge amounts of Gatorade with industrial strength colon cleaner outer in it. Maybe we need a story about what happens if she does or does not drink it. Well, maybe better not.

haitham said...

That's adorable!! I've been drinking milk for the first time in . . . 8 or so years, I guess, because it's part of the school lunches here. It's not bad, I have to say (and I certainly don't want fake teeth any time soon).

EastwoodDC said...

Ellie: Thanks for the sound advice! Don't forget that milk is also good for dipping your cookies. :-)