Sunday, March 29, 2009

Off I go again

It's not quite so scary as Okay Airways, but I will be flying Royal Air Maroc twice this week. We have very annoying stopovers in Casablanca going to and from Marrakech. Three hours each way. Plenty of time to get really bored; not enough time to go see that famous city! Arrrrr!

It's unclear if I'll be able to blog during this trip, so I'll catch up with you all next weekend.
In the meantime, some pictures of the apricot and the wild plum in flower, and one of the cherries that is just getting going.
And the rhubarb is coming back from the dead.


Dave King said...

Great photos. Have agood trip.

Si's blog said...

Dave said it, great pictures.

Our street is full of spectacular trees, too. Need to get that camera. Going to Washington in a little over a week. Hope the cherry blossoms are still fantastic.

Show us spring in North Africa.

sciencegirl said...

I'll try, Si! There will be work to do, and a walking tour around Marrakech is in order, but it would be fabulous if our hosts can arrange a day in the countryside.

Reya Mellicker said...

Beautiful blooming trees. They look quite familiar.

Have a good time in Africa. See you on the flip side.

marc aurel said...

Lovely blossoms.
I've left you an award on my blog!