Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Holiday Decorations

This week's theme is:
My town decorated for the holidays.
"Dressed for Christmas" officially, but 1) I'm not christian so I do a more general holiday thing celebrating the solstice when the days stop getting inexorably shorter (daylight is not going to disappear altogether, thank goodness) and the New Year, and 2) the decorations around town are really quite religion-neutral, with a general, wintery theme. In public displays there are no angels, creches are only at churches, and there are plenty of stars and snowflakes and icicles and lights that are pretty but don't say anything in particular. An exception is made for Santas, who are found at the Christmas Market and in malls all around.
Between the cold and it getting dark so early, I haven't been out and around much. But I did take a tour of the sights this past Sunday, and here are the results. Aw, Santa's hut is closed.

Well, I admit 1:30 is pretty early for the Christmas Market on a Sunday. There should be more people later, checking out the handcrafts and foods for sale.
This guy at the hot beverages stand is not completely without customers, though. At 1°C, a teeny cup of mulled wine is just the thing.

I like the windup toy shop. Made in China, but they do have hopping rabbits that do backflips.

And of course there are Silly Pictures to be taken.

In the warmth of the mall there's a fair amount of decoration.

Santa doesn't have a whole lot to do yet, but it'll be busier later.

They put up the big wheel last weekend. It's a favorite after dark.

In my part of town they've strung some trees with lights, alternating blue and white along this street. These are very nice, but they blink frenetically and I couldn't capture them on at the same time.

Down one of the little streets in the center of Aubière.

Then sometimes you have to wonder what they were thinking.
Blue cones. OK

Lastly, the main tree in Aubière.
It's a real tree, growing at the edge of a parking lot, and I do prefer they decorate it rather than cutting some magnificent creature down just to look at it for a month.

For a peek at Maurice & the Laboratory Rats decorating the tree at our house, click here.
To see the rest of the Shoot Out, click here.
Have a great weekend!


Niamh B said...

poor aul santa looks pretty dejected there alright... nice pics!

Rebecca said...

I like the way the lights a slung between the buildings and the Christmas shop looks interesting.

Ronda Laveen said...

Thanks for showing us your town. It is very cute and festive. It always amazes me where Santas are found. My friend has spent the last few years in Mexico and she says santas are everywhere right now. Here in the states, our santas are never as thin as yours.

Loved photos of Maurice and the lab rats decorating the tree!

Ann said...

Blue cones? Some anti Christmas people there?

Santa's hut looks very cold.

SOL said...

Great shots! I like the idea of celebrating the solstice; it seems very harmonious with nature and respectful of nature's cycles.

A Scattering said...

love your new header and that's a great shot of the ferris wheel. Have a great weekend.

Kerry said...

Looks nice and quiet there. I adore the Wonder Wheel and wonder (haha) why we don't always have those things set up in the middle of our towns. And I would say that your summer picnic is pretty chilly (the cats have evidently gone inside!) and requires extra sweaters!

Jama said...

Like you, I'm not celebrating Christmas, I made a trip down a famous shopping belt here just to take photos of the Christmas decorations .

Gordon said...

Great pics! Wish I could see your part of the world during the season.

Pauline said...

I always enjoy your interpretation of the topic and today is no exception! I agree with you about the trees. Nice to see an existing one decorated.

~JarieLyn~ said...

I think this was a very interesting post. Man, it's cold where you are. Brrr! I like the Santa photo and the last photo of the tree.

Sarah said...

Blessed Yule to you!! I loved the tour around your town! I like the little wind up toys too!! Rabbits doing flips..I'm there!! The mall hanging was beautiful too!
Have a wonderful Yule season!
Namaste, Sarah

Harold B Photography said...

I love the blue christmas lights! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Linda said...

The first picture was so pretty and inviting. The lights on the trees are lovely and festive. The pisc in the mall had that holiday spirit! Thank you for sharing these, Nancy!

Happy Holidays, from Barry and Linda with love.

Bagman and Butler said...

The picture of the wind-up store took me forever - I blew it up and got hung up looking at each and every toy and drooling! Now the keyboard is sticking. I loved it! And the rest, of course. Dejected Santa...now there's a first!

Sara Williams said...

Great photos but you wont get me on the big wheel!