Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Weather

This week's My Town Friday Photo Shoot Out's theme is: The Weather!
Here's a tour of the local weather this week, day by day. Saturday, about 4pm
It's just weather. Happens every day. Even in December.
Sunday around 4pm.
Sunday at 5, a hint of clearing in the west.
It's been cloudy lately. It's cloudy a lot this time of year. The weather women keep mentioning rain, but it hasn't rained. Hasn't cleared up, either.
Monday morning from the parking lot at work. Weather photos aren't easy when it's dark when I go to work and dark when I finish there.
It has been fairly warm, though; highs of 13 or 14°C, lows of 6 to 8°C.

Tuesday morning.
Tuesday it looked like it was going to be sunny, for a while.

The wind came up, really whipping the flag on top of the crane just outside our window. It was the only windy day of the week.

Wednesday at 1 pm.
But no, it clouded over again.

Thursday at 1 pm.
And that's the way it is still.

Friday at 9 am.

Only, today it's getting colder. They promise freezing temperatures for the next ten days, with a possibility of snow in the valleys, not just on the heights. Time to get out the wooly sweaters!

Links to this week's Shootout participant are here: http://mytownmrlinky.blogspot.com/2009/12/welcome-back.html



~JarieLyn~ said...

I like dark clouds in photographs but it sure does look cold and ominous. I hope you stay warm. Maybe you'll get that rain after all.

Rebecca said...

Cloudy and cold...brrrrr. Sounds like winter!

GingerV said...

sounds like I will need my long underwear in Paris.... layers of sweaters. I liked the day by day photos - like we are there with you... mine would have been monday rain/fog
tuesday rain/fog..... and so on. can't be helped - the sameness of our days. not everyone is lucky enough to have a blizzard or a hurricane to break the monotony.

Bagman and Butler said...

Okay...I'm going downstairs to get a sweater before I look at any more friday shotouts.

Linda said...

Barry is 63 inches from wrist to wrist across his back and he is six feet tall. Sorry you waited so long for the measurements. We have difficulty locating tape measures. Your cloud sightings for the week were interesting. The Wednesday morning pink fluff balls were so pretty. At the beginning of the week the clouds were heavier and looked threatening. The cold snap coming may make for some frosty mornings. Bundle up and thanks for the prévisions météorologiques.

Hope blue skies are smiling at you,
from Barry and Linda (((HUGS)))

NanU said...

63 inches, check. I made a sweater once for my brother that appeared to be made for an orangutang. I will try some something more harmonious here (and I have 14 extra years experience at knitting since then).
You too bundle up - it looks far colder out your way than mine!
Bonne weekend.

Sarah said...

Oh wowo..I do love dark cloud pics..wonderful shots!!! Sarah

Totalfeckineejit said...

Skies and cloud are great.That's a real foreboding looking first photo.
Nice work, NanU!

Doreen said...

same weather here. not much sun anymore.lots of snow! fantastic series of shots. have a great weekend!!

Jama said...

I love looking at your day by day photos, awesome!

Kerry said...

It's so gray there you would think it was Oregon; your winter sky looks familiar! It must be fun to sit and knit in a nice cozy room when outdoors it looks like this.

Mary said...

Seems like everyone had a cloudy week, but I haven't got to the islanders yet.

REDLAN said...

I like the way you compare the two fist photos. Thanks for sharing the weather in your area.

BTW, can I grab the best photo of yours that I like? I will make another special post. Thanks in advance!

Chef E said...

Do you get snowy Christmas? I saw a girl last night on the train going into New York with a short dress on with long leg boots, and when we stepped outside into the windy brrr cold, I was glad I wore jeans, layers, and she seemed unhappy!

NanU said...

No, we don't usually have snow for Christmas, Chef E, but it isn't far away.
Sure Redlan, you can copy a picture - thanks for asking! It was interesting the two photos of the same view at the same time of day. It's looking east, and Saturday the sun in the west was completely clouded over and dark, but Sunday the west was fairly clear, at least for a moment.

NanU said...

Yes, Ginger, you will need warm, warm clothes in Paris! Wear scarves to keep your neck warm and the sniffles at bay.

SOL said...

Love all the cloud shots!

Sandra Leigh said...

I am officially nostalgic for France, now -- and for your weather, which is the kind we are supposed to have here on Vancouver Island. Right now, your 13C sounds balmy.

Ronda Laveen said...

We just finished a week of freezing temps in upper northern California and are now into rain. No snow though, not enough moisture when it was cold enough.

Emma said...

I love your day to day shots. At least you got to see blue sky for a little bit on Tuesday!

Pauline said...

I love cloud photos so really enjoyed your shots! I enjoyed seeing your week progress.