Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Ungrateful Wretches

Poor Natalie. She's been complaining to me about how hard it is to be Top Cat.
It's a thankless job.
The other cats don't thank her at all.
Can you believe it?
They should be grateful there is order in the house.


Barry said...

Poor Natalie. Despite her sacrifice she gets no thanks what so ever. And merci isn't that big a stretch from meow!

Reya Mellicker said...

It's the duty of the top cat to feel unappreciated, and the duty of the other cats to complain.

Isn't it??

NanU said...

This is your inept blogger mother who cannot figure out how to reply to your latest blog entry.

Top Cat Responsibilities/headaches -- Kisha (top cat) spies Snoops (2nd. cat) on dad's chair. Kisha hits Snoops in quick succession several times with her paws [no claws out). Kisha satisfied she has shown Snoops the error of her ways turns away from Snoops and starts to walk away. Snoops flys out of the chair landing directly on the middle of Kisha's back and they go for a tumble on the rug. There is no respect for Top Cat in this house!!

Love, Mom

NanU said...

It is sometimes difficult for me to comment on certain blogs too. They want some kind of log-in that I try to satisfy but it doesn't always work. But I know that non-"Blogger" people can comment. Somehow.

steven said...

lemme tell you about the top cat job - it's thankless, never-ending, rarely understood and definitely never adequately rewarded. but in the end, when all the little minion cats are mewling around for whatever they need, well they get it. that's the sorry truth about being the top cat. the whole thing is about sitting alone, knowing that you're the top cat. that's where the glory begins and ends! miaow!! steven