Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Under Construction

This week's Shoot Out theme is Under Construction. Ho Ho. I just happen to have a construction zone right outside my window. The Centre Jean Perrin is modernizing. Has to: the health department would shut us down otherwise. Here's the plan. That helpful arrow shows where my office is right now. Yeah, in what will be a parking lot. For the moment I'm still here.
A couple of months ago they started digging on our side of the hospital.
The backhoes came right up to the wall - our secretaries' office is just on the other side of that wall and sometimes they thought the machines would break through.

Then the foundation was laid and a forest of reinforcing rods sprang up, like grass after a rain. It didn't take long for all those rods to be encased in concrete walls.
Now we look outside and see the embryonic windows of the new radiotherapy department.

The construction makes our little annex tremble so much that our cat sometimes hides in the copy & mail corner.

Out front they have a much bigger hole to dig.

This is where the new hospitalization wing will be. Only 86 beds or so; it's smaller than our current capacity, and they'll all be private rooms. It seems strange to go to the trouble to make a whole new building, a larger one, and put in fewer rooms, but they say they're moving toward shorter stays and more outpatient care. With the higher turnover, we're expected to care for more patients, not fewer. I'm not convinced of the math.

So they're working on it.
I'll keep bringing the camera once a month or so, keeping track of the progress.
What a lot of us really want is a multi-level parking lot, but we're not likely to get one. Every time they build here we lose parking, and none of it is ever replaced (the parking area in the model does not quite make up for the lost spaces they've dug up already).
Happy New Year, everyone!
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Sara Williams said...

Great pictures! Have a really Happy New Year x

Jama said...

I can't wait to see how the whole project will look like when it's done.
Wishing you a good New Year ahead.

steven said...

i love step-by-step photographs almost as much as i love architectural models so this is my lucky day! i wish you a lovely and fruitful new year. steven

Pauline said...

Your post brought back memories of when I worked on a construction site and how much I enjoyed it. There is something very satisfying about being part of a major construction. Happy New Year!

Chef E said...

You just dredged up memories of my son at age three...if we would pass anything like this he would be in awe, and hence me remolding a few old rusted dump trucks...I wonder if he still has them...

Great post!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Happy New Year! And Happy New Building!

GingerV said...

I think it very interesting to not only see all the projects but to meak note of how differently countries construct buildings. I enjoy todays FSO

Two of the lines we rode on in Paris are under renovation and yes it is much needed. that said I also have to admit that the city has a wonderful subway system.

Kerry said...

This project looks gi-normous,like you're part of a hugely successful hospital, but the number of beds doesn't seem to be so many. Odd that they think people will have shorter stays, be less sick somehow.

Well anyway, Happy New Year NanU!

Barry said...

I think the black cat in your header is about to do some deconstructing of that mouse! Yipes!

The building model actually looks beautiful and it's nice to see the progress their making.

Have a Happy New Year!!

SOL said...

Very nice. I am curious to see the progress over time. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Doreen said...

wow, quite the undertaking, but well worth it!

happy new year!!

Redlan said...

I can see the office where you are working. Thanks for putting the arrow. I agree, it's quite disturbing near the area of construction. It's a headache. It will done soon I hope. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Oh how cool to see in in progress!! Wonderful shots!
Happy New year, Sarah

kate said...

Had I been smart, I would've taken my camera to work, too! The hospital that I work in is being torn to shreds to make room for a new outpatient center. It's going to look great, but it makes it loud and dusty in the meantime :)

Gordon said...

I thought, surely, Maurice will be operating one of those backhoes! Alas, no. Good stuff, though.

NanU said...

As a law-abiding Rabbit, Maurice would never dream of hopping the fence and playing where he's not allowed. Those Laboratory Rats, though, they're a different story.

J9 said...

Glad to see the progress!