Sunday, September 12, 2010

September gardening

One thing I really like about late summer and autumn is digging in the garden. The tomatos are starting to pack it in. Though there is plenty of fruit still on the vines, the leaves are starting to turn and the stems to shrivel. The green beans have all dried up, except for the ones I planted in mid-August. The remaining radishes are all woody. I noticed the potato plants were gone. This is my first year doing potatos, and advice was they'd be ready when the plant regressed. So I guess it's time to start digging.
Here they are!
Honest-to-god Potatos. The first part of the patch gave about three pounds.
The second part of the potato patch, which got watered much less than the one closer to the faucet, had only very small tubers. They're so cute! Note to self anyway: water more next time.
And then I noticed this guy. A potiron squash! The plant is huge and rambling and put out dozens of giant flowers (it's a trooper; it's still putting out flowers), but each time the flower faded, the naiscent fruit was devoured by the beasties that like that sort of thing. They missed one.

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Bagman and Butler said...

Yum. I shouldn't be checking blogs around dinner time because I am going to go downstairs and eat now.