Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Signs of the times

7 signs I’m no longer in college (idea nicked from Niamh, whose list last week made me laugh, and think oh yes, that's exactly how it was):

1. I no longer eat any sort of noodle & cream of whatever soup-based casserole whatsoever.

2. I don’t walk lopsided from the gigantic books in my bag.

3. Papers get written more than one day before the deadline.

4. I keep my back to the blackboard in class.

5. I know what I’m talking about. Really, this time.

6. No calculating my bank balance to the penny before buying a cup of coffee.

7. I’ve discovered that knowing where information can be found is often more important than knowing the information (as long as you do in fact go find it before needing to know it is critical).



jabblog said...

This must strike a chord with anyone who's ever had to study!

Niamh B said...

excellent, though you're still in a college like environment by the looks of things, I guess yours is 7 signs that you're an adult in college.

Anonymous said...

It's a long time since I was in college but I do remember your 7 signs!

CJ xx

Rachel Fox said...

Blackboards? You still have those? It's all interactive white boards at my daughter's school now.

NanU said...

Yes! I have a blackboard, and even a supply of chalk. In six colors! Only two of which are really visible, of course. I try never to draw anything, but to have everything I need already in my computer...

Anonymous said...

Those were the days, heck, I still have to double check my bank account before I buy a cup of coffee, lol.