Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Walking weather

Sunday I went on one of my favorite hikes.

It's an 8 km trail, mostly dirt access roads, that winds around farmland on the south side of town. There were still blackberries out, though most had been picked.

There were a fair number of people out on the trail (though I didn't take their photos). Going for a long walk is a big Sunday tradition here, and the trails can be real highways sometimes. At one spot there was a gathering of trucks, and people tearing up and down a hillside on motorbikes. Amazing the damage those things can do. At least the noise is transient.

Some farms have sheep. On this side of the road the sheep are particularly white.

This is the other side of the road.

Where the sheep are still white (well except for one), though not quite as brilliantly white as their neighbors.
The mysterious movements of sheep: one of them started to go, so they all went. Then the one stopped and they all grouped up again, like traffic at a light.

More road. This is cow territory.

One one side, the black & white cows.

On the other, mesdames are brown and white.

No mixing of the cows.

Then it was getting late, so I didn't do the second loop for another 7km. I haven't done that one all year, now that I think about it. It follows a stream up a gorge, then winds through some farms and sub-suburban housing tracts. Maybe I'll do that one next week.



Rachel Fox said...

Good to see all those trees!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. What a nice walk!

Titus said...

Great post, great pictures!
And sheep? Well, they... flock. Together.

Rebecca said...

Love walking weather...we have been enjoying a lot if it recently.

jabblog said...

It looks good walking country, though maybe not so much in winter :-)

NanU said...

Oh, I do think I'll be hiking it in the winter, too, Jabb. We only get snow two or three times a year, and those are occassions to go out and appreciate the different look. Just a question of wearing the right stuff for a winter hike.

Pauline said...

That is a real countryside walking track, isn't it? The sort I would love. About the white and not so white sheep, the whiter ones have been more recently shorn. Love the close of the brown cow hide! Beautiful! Mind you, I love cows!