Saturday, January 29, 2011

100 words

100 words is a meme snitched from two of my favorite blogs.
You pick a random word and write, obviously, 100 words about it.
An interesting exercise. Thinking of the words oneself, however, is not at all random, no matter how you promise to clear your mind and say the first that pops up.
Those words are always heavily laden, or deliberately frivolous.
For future topics, I solicit words from the audience, which will be kept on a list on the sidebar. To start, I flipped though the Economist and came up with:
(safer if) drenched


Rachel Fox said...

2 of the links on the 31 bus aren't working...

Eryl said...

I read in his recent Paris Review interview that Ray Bradbury used to do this as an exercise when he was first teaching himself to write. He'd jot down a list of random nouns then compose little prose poems around them. One or two of them eventually became novels!

How about "Pie" for a word?