Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photos of Nancy, part 1

First thing seen, right out of the train station, this sculpture. It's all hearts!
A typical residential street from the early 20th century.

Birds swarming on the river.

One of the old industrial backyards along the waterfront.

The not-yet renovated boating center.
Mugging for treats.
Some fancy bird houses.
The market square, where all the vendors seem to be selling clothes that are black.
Stanislaus Plaza, a World Heritage site these days.
One of the old city gates. This is actually up one level - there's a road that goes right under that little door.

; And a decoration on one of the important buildings, now the regional history museum.
More tomorrow!


Titus said...

Great new header! Looks wonderful, and I now have a deep urge to move into the old city gates.
I wonder whose the golden heart is?

steven said...

great header - print it off and hang it in the hallway - just in case you forget who you are. the city gate - with cars passing underneath it! wow! steven

Eryl said...

I don't know how I feel about that hear sculpture, it's rather freaky! Your header is fab though. And I love industrial back yards.