Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poetry Bus in fits and starts

This building up a poem over time has been a different sort of experience for me, and the result may be not so much a smooth and coherent patterned patchwork quilt as a cobbled-together collection or bunch of things thrown in a sack. It's been about 10 days, but maybe 10 months would be more interesting. I don't think any poem project will survive that long with me, though!
The Passage of Days.
Is it over? is the day over yet?
I'm so looking forward to falling like a sack into the armchair.
Let's go
bring on the day
six no trump and 6-Nations rugby
Throw the English to the ground!
Daydreaming out the window
I notice it's snowing
no wonder it's so cold in here.
I am ready, coffee and croissants on the sideboard
fresh pen and old notebook
the meeting may begin
It will last all day.
dish soap shampoo cereal pasta milk cat litter
Out! cats!
laundry vacuum trash out water the plants the mail
a nap?


steven said...

that reads closely parallel to the day i lived yesterday - minus the cats. but then there're so many little bits that don't make the poetry cut right!!! steven

Eryl said...

I really like this. It reminds me of Charles Bukowski, and of Virginia Woolf saying that women will one day create their own literary style based on the type of lives they lead: fractured by constant external distractions (or something like that).

nuts4fruits said...

I like the zig-zag of emotion in your poem, it shows a more vulnerable side of you.

I went for time traveling and evolution: Letters from the future.

Titus said...

Yahoo! That's me, NanU, here:


Titus said...

And can I just echo what Eryl said about yours, as it's very clever.
And pretty spot-on.

Zed said...

I'm on the bus. :-)Zed

Dave King said...

I got on at the tail end of this, but the concept sounds more than interesting and the result speaks for itself. I did (yesterday)post what I thought was an appropriate response, but quite forgot to check it in with you guys. Maybe just as well in the circumstances...

Excellent poem. I am impressed.

Domestic Oub said...

I'm late, but onboard...


Totalfeckineejit said...

I like this it has a scattered jigsaw feel to it that somehow makes a picture. Interesting experiment, science girl!

Mines up now too, so merci beaucoup to you!