Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The holidays continue

What arrived at my desk yesterday, but a long-anticipated package from my parents? Yea! A beautiful purple scarf that I'm going to start wearing right away.
And what's this? Individual catfoods! Bandersnatch and Sienne and Natalie were so excited to have each their own. No Sharing. Well, except that Bandersnatch is the fastest eater in the world and as soon as she's finished with her own bowl she starts working on the others. So I had to put her outside for a little digestive pause.
Not only that, but what was in my home mailbox but a notice of a package waiting for me at the post office. Yea! I wonder who it's from. I wonder when I will be able to go get it. Although I pass by the post office twice daily, in the morning it's not open yet and at night it's already closed. Normally I'd just wait for Saturday but I'm off for adventure Thursday morning, not back until Sunday. Because of this absence, today and tomorrow are extra-loaded, but I think I will just be late tomorrow. Packages at the post office are too fun to wait!
Now I just hope that the others I have sent out find their way at last to their destinations.
Scarf to Canada, check.
Wind-up toys to Scotland, check.
Jam to South Carolina, check.
Items to Illinois, not yet checked.
Items to Arkansas, not yet checked. Hey! you post office guys said 8 to 10 days: it's been 25. And the scarf to Canada was sent two weeks later than the others! See, you can do it in 10 days.


steven said...

after a stormy crossing the clipper shop carrying the scarf was met in montreal by a super fast dogsled team who hauled it across river and lake ice, past snarling bears and wolf packs, through sleet and blizzard without stopping until with lolling tongues and clouds of steam issuing forth from their frothing mouths they dropped it at my doorstep! steven

NanU said...

Ah, so that's it. There's no snow or ice in Arkansas, no dogsled teams, no snarling bears in Illinois!

shabby girl said...

Yea, an unexpected package! I hope it's something exciting!

FreeFlying said...

Ooh! I love surprises in the mail! Go get the package. You can do it!

Also, no, TravelZoo was not a scam. They tell you about package deals that other companies are offering and Your Irish Getaways was offering ours. They had done the package well for quite a while, so there was no way TravelZoo could have known that they would shut their doors and stop answering their phones. But it resulted in lots of people arriving in Ireland to discover that their lodging and rental cars were no longer paid for.

Travelzoo is great, though!

Eryl said...

Do let us know as soon as you get it.

I see I've missed tons of your posts, my reader hasn't been alerting me to new ones, so I have some catching up to do. That's a pretty good unexpected gift itself, especially as I've glimpsed the pictures.