Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black Walnuts

 There they are!
Get them! get them!
 Dad is picking oily black items off the ground.
Lots and lots of them.
So many we can barely lug them all back to the car.
 Although they don't look that numerous once you get them home and spread out on the driveway.
They weighed tons, really!
Now, how to get them out of their jackets?
One recommendation is driving on them.
So we did that. 
Back and forth, many times. 
But it took quite a lot of crushing and rolling them under our feet to get rid of the thick casings.
Next step: let them dry.
Last year Dad left them on the driveway, and the squirrels got them all.
This year he put them on the screen-porch,
and the cats had a great time watching the squirrels try to get them but fail.


The Bug said...

There were black walnut trees at my grandparents' place & they left them in the driveway to get run over :) What a MESS! Ha! Good memory...

steven said...

whaaaaaaat!!! resally you drive a car over them to crack them . . . wow that's awesome!!! steven

NanU said...

yaaaa, s! though it doesn't work as well as you'd think it should. back & forth, back & forth, and we still spent ages getting all that thick outer shell off.