Sunday, February 12, 2012

See header photo.

What are they waiting for, you might ask.
They are waiting for their anxiety to be assuaged. They are nervous, you see, not so much because their bowls are empty, as they’re just never empty. These cats are not actually hungry. If you put their bowls down, they’ll probably have a sniff and then go off for a nap.
But it was decided, after much mockery on the part of the visiting party and a serendipitous discovery at the bookstore, that Snoopy should have ribs.
Not ribs like at Missouri Barbeque, you understand, she would just get sauce all over.
We’re talking cat ribs. Those things you can feel under your fingers when you pick your cat up. If your cat has no ribs, then she needs to slim down, and Snoopy’s ribs have been on vacation for some time now.
So the catfoodbowls come up after a reasonable mealtime, and they don’t go down again until it’s Time.
Try explaining that to a cat who’s always had kibble at will. And the other one is just as nervous. They don’t like not knowing when their next meal is. They don’t like it at all. But they’re going to get used to it.

That was in December.
Got ribs yet?


steven said...

oh the anxiety is palpable!!! i feel much the same although ribs are my constant companion no matter how much i eat or drink. steven

Jessica Maybury said...

I can *see* the confusion and uncertainty in their eyes! Poor, overweight things. You should film it and make it into some sort of operation transformation...

The Bug said...

It's funny how insatiable cats & dogs are - they're always acting like their starving. Come to think of it I act the same way!

psychelyn said...

cats are so funny, feeding discipline wont work. my mom-in-laws cats are always hungry, always running to the kitchen whenever they hear somebody is there.