Friday, February 3, 2012

The new spot halfway from Mountain Home to St Louis

If you happen to be travelling south of St Louis.
And if you happen to notice all those billboards for Missouri Hick BAR-B-Q (how could you miss them? If you are awake enough to be driving at all, you must see them.).
And if it's lunchtime, or nearly, or half past, or you've had lunch but it wasn't completely satisfactory and you're anywhere near Cuba (well, I guess if you're seeing the billboards you must be somewhere near Cuba), then you should definitely stop here for the barbeque.
Even if you're a vegetarian. In that case you can just go right to the blackberry cobbler, no messing around.
Go on.

Once you finally get home after your barbeque adventure, you will look like this. Cat included.


The Bug said...

Yum! It's only 500 miles from here...

NanU said...

Off you go, then!