Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Quantum Physics of Horses in Cancer Treatment

A woman called the lab today wanting to establish a major collaboration between my institute and, well, I’m not sure who. She said her name quickly at the beginning and neither she nor I are native french speakers.
She dived into some spiel about cancer patients and horses and quantum physics. I should obviously be interested. I do work in a cancer research institute, after all, don’t I? Well, horses get cancer, and they’ve treated them, and their high frequency helps them get better. If I’m a cancer researcher, I should know all about this latest research. So we could apply that to patients. We could put the patients, when they’re not in the hospital, with the horses, and the low frequency of the patients which is keeping them sick, could be corrected by the horses and make them better.
Er, come again? Frequency? What frequency?
The energy frequency.
Ah, what energy frequency?
It’s quantum physics! You do have a notion about quantum physics, don’t you?
Indeed, I do have some idea of what quantum physics is about, and that’s precisely why I’d like a more coherent explanation here.
The horses have high frequency. They have good energy. Cancer patients have low frequency, bad energy.
The horses can transfer their energy to the patients and slow their cancer. It’s the immune system. Energy boosts the immune system. It’s quantum physics!
Like, duh!
Could you send me some references there, so I could study the issue before responding?
No, of course not. This has never been done. That’s why I’m calling, to start this project.

In another conversation, I may have been interested in hearing some details about how the caller imagined this research. It is well established that a robust immune system helps fight cancer, and many things can boost the immune system. Most notably (and neglectedly), well-being is good for immune function, so whatever we can do for patients’ well-being, whether it be sending them to the local thermal spa (in an actual ongoing research project), to having a hairdresser at the hospital, to keeping their social networks intact, we’re in favor of it.
But the way the caller browbeat me with her magic words, brandishing Quantum Physics! as if that made everything very scientific and I was quite dull not to grasp the obvious, the way she evoked real science (immune function) through the voodoo of “energy transfer” and “frequencies”, made me run.
Drop the smoke and mirrors and we can have a real discussion.


The Bug said...

It's a new health care strategy that doesn't require us to spend money - just go sit on a horse a while & you'll be healed! Boy I wish that really worked, but I wouldn't have taken her seriously either. For one thing, she SHOULD have SOMETHING in writing that coherently describes what she wants to research.

steven said...

there may be something to it . . . but what and why are questions that leap out and i wish it was all this simple but it isn't and you . . . well nancy you know this better than most . . . . steven

Titus said...

I'm impressed with your patience.