Monday, February 27, 2012

Here we go!

I've got a list of more than 300 families to go over at work, verifying that the nomenclature of the mutation is correct, and that all the right tests were done. We're combing through the archives, updating, and making sure there aren't any mistakes hiding.
The plan is to divvy up the work and go through, say, 30 dossiers at each meeting. Today was the first such meeting, with an hour and a half to get started. Perhaps we won't do all 30, of course.
How many did we get done?
How many did we look at and decide what other data to gather before considering the case done?
How long will it take me to dredge up the data from the archives and go over it all again?
Er, how long is it until the next meeting?


Titus said...

Aaargh! The world was ever thus - since about 1989 I think.

Argent said...

Aww, and to think at first it all sounded so reasonable, so achievable!

I wish you luck with your dredging. Haven't you got a handy undergrad or intern/slave to help out?

Bagman and Butler said...

I think it was an amazing success that you managed to agree on a meeting time.

NanU said...

I think the meeting time happened due to the fortunate circumstance of their being rabbits near our building. They live in the hedge along the lawn across the street, and it's well known that rabbits have very high frequencies. There being a lot of rabbits, their frequencies are strong enough to extend in a sort of positive zone, depending on the direction of the wind and magnetic fields of course, we don't get the benefit of the rabbit zone all the time.
Quantum physics and all.