Monday, February 8, 2010

Dead batteries

It's interesting how some people think something is common knowledge, and then many many others have never even heard of the issue. My bit for getting the word out:
Batteries are toxic waste (because of their heavy metal content).
As I haven't lived in the States for a while, I'm not sure what the rules there are, but in France, any store that sells batteries is obliged to take the used ones back. And while it might be the case that accumulated waste batteries still go into trash instead of their heavy metal components being recovered, at least they go into the 'toxic trash' stream, where disposal regulations are stricter (one hopes!)
For information and a disposal guide, click here.
When I lived in LA, Vons stores had a bin for them at the front. Most major grocery chains do; you just have to look.
It's the little things we do every day that can make this world a better (or worse) place!


Argent said...

You're right. I'm not sure what we do here in the UK. My local dump has a disposal for car batteries, but I don't recall seeing anything for normal ones. Must find out now.

Barry said...

I don't think there is that requirement for stores here in Ontario. Even though it isn't a requirement, some stores to have recycling bins.

Fortunately for us, my wife's school collects and recycles batteries, so she just takes our to work with her.

Tabor said...

My most recent concern has been the TREMENDOUS number of batteries used in children's toys these days. We are polluting their earth for the silly mewing kittens and crazy race cars.

NanU said...

None of my kittens has ever needed a battery to meow, and toy race cars without batteries were a lot of fun. I don't get the craze for powered toys, either, Tabor!