Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Aquariums

Today's My Town Shootout theme is Aquariums.
Chosen by Chef E, one of the delightful people who keeps the Shootout organized. (We wouldn't want any accidental shootings of each other...)Note about my town : there are no aquaria here. None in my house. None in my friends’ houses. No public attraction (there’s not even a zoo). I seem to remember a Chinese restaurant in town that has one. Maybe.
Oh yeah, I know one! There's a veterinary office not far from my house that has a huge aquarium in the front window. No, no picture of it. It's the most disgusting aquarium ever. It looks like the vet left and never came back. It's full of black water. Nasty! Actually, I recall now they've taken it away. The vet's closed up shop finally. I'm back to no aquaria.
So I offer you this.
Yeah, yeah, you've seen it before.
Our office space used to be a big empty room that the League Against Cancer used for school tours and etc. Rarely used. So we begged the space from them and installed eight small rooms and a waiting area. Not being allowed to knock new holes in the supporting walls, not all the rooms have windows to the outside. So two of them have windows onto the waiting area, notably this one.
Here he is, my friend Yannick. In his fishbowl.

From the door of my own office I can spy on him.

There you have it. A specimen plucked from his natural, apparatus-filled environment, and plunked down in a glass-enclosed cage, where passers by can look in and see an actual scientist at work. So far nobody but me has taken pictures.
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Rebecca said...

Great post! Love the twist.

Anonymous said...

Great interpretation. That is it for sure. Life is lived in a giant fish bowl.

Bagman and Butler said...

I"m laughing outrageously. I'll bet you knew I'd love this one!
What a lovely specimen. Does he have a latin name? I think you need to add some coral in the space, or a ceramic pirate ship. And lots of live snails to keep the glass clean for the Yannick. I also think the Yannick looks a litte anemic and bored. Are you feeding it enough? Are you planning to find it a mate sometime?

Chef E said...

I kind of went off in this direction with that bag I keep drooling over!

You had me laughing at 'accidental shootings', your funny...the banner photo has me shivering!

Now Bagmans comment has me laughing!

Gordon said...

I guess we all are in some sort of fish bowl.

Kerry said...

This is the best. (I would so hate working in that office though!)

J9 said...

Creative solution to having no available aquariums to shoot!

Ann said...

That's a handsome mer-man I like to take home. Can you give me his number? LOL

SOL said...

The human aquarium--interesting!

Nanc Twop said...

Poor guy - get him a nice curtain for his window.

(jic you can't read it - its a bunch of fish telling bad fish-jokes... in English.)


Ronda Laveen said...

I think I know some people who belong in there with him.

Very funny, NanU.

Barry said...

So does that make him a merman, its hard to tell with his legs hidden under the desk.

Have you ever seen him walk?

What a fun post!

Sarah-Paige said...

Great take on the topic!!!! Love the commentary :)

Jen said...

LOL - great interpretation! I used to feel like I was in a fishbowl when I was teaching.