Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Zebras

Zebras are not meant to be domestic animals.
They are supposed to roam the plains of Africa, in their thousands.
This one has apparently gotten slightly lost,
and now roams the back bedroom.


Bagman and Butler said...

Ah. The weekly wonder of Zebra Thursday. Where do you get all that zebra stuff!? I love it but I've only been able to post two shots all year. I need to become more attuned the stripe! I've come to look forward to your Thursday posts!

NanU said...

easy one, Mark: I cheat!
At the zebra exhibit at the zoo I took a lot of stock (and have been showing various crops). Then this pillow I have is making its second appearance, and I suspect it will figure regularly, in various configurations with its arch-enemies the Lions, er, housecats. If I ever see a real zebra again I'll be sure to stock up!

Barry said...

Run little zebra run!

The endless plains of Africa are that way!


Ronda Laveen said...

That would be a domestic zebra, rigth?

Argent said...

There's a distinct dearth of zebras around here - I think the crossing kind is all I would be able to come up with. You have a creative eye for these things.