Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Views of Strasbourg

Scaffolding! Another for my collection.

Sunday morning brought new snow after Saturday's rain washed it all away. At 9 am not much of anyone was out. The botanical garden was closed due to the weather.
Why? The plants are still there.
Not many people were biking around town, either.
This statue seemed quite pleased with the snow.
This other one rather less so.
Some architectural details.
This sort of thing really lends a good look to a city.
These gulls were waiting for something.
This young swan reminds me of Natalie,
seeing an intruder in her territory and giving a good nip.
The passing beaver did escape to the safety of the bank.
There was snow on Thursday, too, and school trips went on as usual.
A few inches of the fluffy stuff didn't seem to bother anyone.
More stories tomorrow!


Tabor said...

How nice and brrrr. It's as cold there as here. Great photos...thanks for taking me with you. Any warm photos, like of food?

Bagman and Butler said...

Absolutely love the pictures. Envious.

Barry said...

I've never seen pictures of Strasbourg in the winter. This is a real treat.

And was that a beaver? In Strasbourg?

NanU said...

There were two beavers swimming in the canal, in fact; they just didn't stay close enough together for a group photo.