Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fave Five

There are so many memes in the blogosphere that one could hop from one assignment to the next, never having a day without some kind of thing due. A little like school, isn't it?


This week's My Town Friday Photo Shootout's theme is Town Plaza. It’s not as if I don’t have plenty of material in the archives to cover the topic...
But that’s what I’m tired of. Too darned many photos of my boring little town square. This way and that way and upside-down you’ve seen it several times. I’ve seen it even more.
So I’m taking a break.
For the very first time, I’m intentionally skipping the My Town Friday Photo Shootout.
I feel like I’m being so naughty!
Instead, I'm picking up a different meme, one I saw at Melli's blog. I don't think I'll do it every week, but there are a lot of different Favorite-Things memes out there (Ten Things Tuesday comes to mind, among others), and I've been meaning to do one.


My five favorite things this week
1. The big warm-up. Snow is pretty, but the temperatures that permit it are just not for me. We got up to double-digits (Celsius) yesterday, and it was great.

2. Oatmeal cookies. Finally, I got my butt in gear and made a batch of cookies. I bring a big can of Quaker Oats back every time I visit the States, but honestly, as much as I like oatmeal with raisins and honey for breakfast, I just don’t make it that often. So it mostly goes for cookies, which are an easy hit with my labmates. I make them with plenty of spices and dried currants. Alas, I didn’t have any nuts on hand this time. If I had, they would have been hazelnuts.

3. Traveling to a Random Destination isn’t going to happen until tomorrow, but the plan for it has been made, and that’s the hard part! Mev and I are going to Ussel. Just to see it. The locals are shaking their heads and wondering. Well, once we’ve seen it we’ll know...

4. Progress on many fronts. Not one specific thing, but many things at the lab have made a lot of progress this past week, giving a feeling of accomplishment and excitement. Experiments are going forward on all fronts, the diagnostic team (in spite of being at half staff through various slightly sick children and pregnancies) is getting results out the door, two papers are on the verge of submission, and two more are shaping up quite well.


5. Biggest one for last: Barry finished his chemotherapy, and we had a worldwide bell-ringing for him! Go, Barry! Having no ‘proper’ bells on hand, I rang a crystal glass, a metal lid, and a ceramic mortar & pestle. For more on that see the post below.
Living to Tell the Story is where you can find other Friday Fave Five posts. What's your top-5 of the week?


Niamh B said...

thanks for pointing out Barry to us... and yes you are such a swot - doing another type of meme on the day off!! but sure it's a good one, so we'll forgive you

Melli said...

LOL! I have NO idea where you ARE - but the idea of visiting random places just because is right up my alley! I've lived in my home area all my life, but there are still places right nearby that I have never been! So I like to do that too! :)

Congrats to Barry! God bless him!

A great Five! Have a good week!

Susanne said...

Thanks for joining in this week!

All the best to "Barry" as he moves past the chemo. I've never heard of the bell ringing. That is really awesome!

I love dried currants but for some reason have never thought to put them in oatmeal cookies. Thanks for the idea.

Carrie said...

YAY for Berry! I'm sure you are both thrilled.

Oatmeal cookies are on my list of things "To Do" today. Oh what a chore!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Booklassie Dee said...

Love your blog title. My daughter is a biochemist so we know that science women are fantastic! I think you'll enjoy the "Fave Five" meme. It's a nice way to end the week. Thanks for sharing yours.

Brenda said...

Oatmeal cookies away from home really are a treat.

Best wishes to Barry as he finishes chemo. I finished 6 months ago but still feel like I am recovering!

Kerry said...

You have permission (like you didn't already know) to skip FSO.

You know what's kind of odd? That it was so unusual for most of us to have, you know, a BELL. What's up with that.

Anonymous said...

Yay for no more chemo!

Willow said...

Welcome to FFF!

Hurray for Barry! I'm ringing bells here for him!

Having some scientist children of my own, I'm interested in learning more about your career! (our son is a phd candidate at Stanford, and we live within 45 min of UCLA)

Have a great weekend!