Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Overhead

Look up these days, and what do I see.
Miss Fluffy on the fence.
"Sun-dried" apricots.

A few apples still.

The occassional flying rabbit.

Accompanied by some jumping rats.
The autofocus doesn't like this sort of moving target!

Oops. Get the ladder out.

Birds in trees are more visible these days.

But mostly the things hanging over my head are on my desk.
Or maybe it's me sinking under them.
I am definitely in over my head these days.
Like this paper.
I hope it will be leaving for a journal in the next few days, along with two others.
Then life will be better.

Join the Shootout here.


jabblog said...

Then you can breathe out again . . .

Anonymous said...

Loved the flying rabbit!!!

CJ xx

Pauline said...

Oh Nan, your humour is so refreshing! Flying rats and rabbits - what everyone needs on a Friday! Another of your classic posts!

Bagman and Butler said...

Absolutly terrific! I had not thought of being over your head with work...nice, if scary, idea. And the flying jumping mice!!! You had fun with those, I'll bet. Are they the same mice you froze a while back? But the header picture of fluffy on the fence is a winner!!!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I think the flying rabbit makes you a 'Trick Shooter'.

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Loved the in OVER my head. LOL get photos too.

Doreen said...

by the looks of your desk I am glad you took time to do the shoot out. the jumping rats gave me a chuckle. love your sense of humor NanU. header shot is very cool!!

spiritsoflena said...

Love the shot of your cat!

Kerry said...

Well you had fun with this one didn't you? I can picture you flinging poor Maurice into the air for a photo! Good luck with your paper.

Jama said...

I love your fun post !

~JarieLyn~ said...

Love that first photo of your cat on the fence.

NanU said...

It took a dozen tries to get just that one shot of Maurice in the air. With the dew still on the lawn, he was getting quite wet.
It's nice to do the Shootout again. I've decided to do it only when I have time and a good idea, not just because it's Friday.

Nicolle Howard said...

I enjoyed the in over my head shot of desk. Kind of looks like my home desk, covered with different projects.

Rebecca said...

Love jumping rats! Just glad we don't have them here! :)

Sarah-Paige Copeland said...

You always have such a great way of interpreting the weekly theme. And this week was no exception, loved the occasional flying rabbit! And the shot of your cat is amazing. A friend of mine used to have a grumpy old cat that used to sit on one of the garden fence posts near their houses' front entrance, and if you weren't careful you'd get a paw upside the head as you walked by!!!

In the eye of the beholder said...

Great cat in the tree. And who wouldn't like the flying rabbit of thr jumping rats.

Sarah said...

Giggle..loved the fly critters..snort...did you get the bunny down?? I loved the cat shots too!!