Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November is time for Lexington

I didn’t plan on getting Lexington. I’d had Natalie for a couple of months, and she wasn’t great friends with Pandemonium, but he was occupied enough not to need another companion. But then the aging father of a friend of a friend died, and I was asked if I might have room for his cat.
Er, ah, why not?
So I inherited a large, white, male and apparently nameless cat, whom I called Lexington. Pan seemed content enough to share the apartment with yet another cat. Natalie was less content. Lexington thought it was just fine, because while Pan didn’t bother him one way or another, Natalie was a cat he could dominate.
He was subtle about it. He never chased her or growled or put a paw out that I saw. But Nat took to hiding under furniture whenever he came into a room. She was denied the catfoodbowl. After a few weeks she was hiding under furniture whether Lexington was in the room or not.
So we had to find another home for Lexington. He was used to being the king of the house, but I already had Pan for king, and wasn’t interested in his kind of serf. My friend’s mother took Lexington in, and that seemed to work out pretty well. She does have to keep her other cat in a separate room, but her apartment is large enough for that. Lexington is Hector now, and he’s a true emperor in his realm.

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Bagman and Butler said...

It was, of course, the right decision -- but it must have been hard. I hope it works out for your friend's mother.