Friday, November 5, 2010

Pass the deck

I love to shuffle cards, just love it.
People think I’m some kind of card shark because of this. They think I have some sort of secret communication with the cards that lets me know how to play.
Well I wish it were true. I wish I were a better bridge player and could keep track of who’s holding what all the time.
My secret communication is limited to the physical shuffling of them. I love the snapping zip of a good frank shuffle down on the table, followed by the softer susurration of the arched halves of the deck flying into place between my crossed thumbs.
I wish there were more cards in a deck. Not too many more, just a dozen or twenty more. Just enough to let the zipping and the shusshing go on a little longer before the next cut.
I’m quick at it, too, which really impresses my new bridge buddies. Cut, zip, shussh, smart rap on the table to even them up, and start over. They don’t know I’ve been shuffling since before I could properly hold a deck in my hands. They don't know this doesn't mean I'm good at anything aside from shuffling.


Niamh B said...

officially jealous - I can't shuffle without bending cards all over the place.

Bagman and Butler said...

Hooray! You have now proven that literally anything can be the subject of an interesting and well-written blog! I also love shuffling although I don't play Bridge. Have you mastered the one-hand cut? It's the only thing I actually learned to do when I was a kid trying to become a magician. I'll have to try and figure out how to explain it in words.

GingerV said...

maybe your game should be black jack, where a fancy shuffle is fully appreciated.

NanU said...

I never did get into blackjack, though my dad used to pay his trips to Vegas with the game. I prefer the social aspects of bridge, and the more interesting complexity of the game.

Never practiced the one-hand cut, and I gave up on spreading the deck up my arm and flipping it all over. No flashy tricks; just a really fast shuffle.

Odd fact: I do not own even one deck of cards. I should get some now that I'm going back to the game!

FreeFlying said...

Totally agreed. As long as you also love the slinging of the cards across the table when you deal as well. Because, to me, that's the best part. Makes me feel like a ninja. Letting loose with my sharp edged stars. :)

shabby girl said...

Great post! I used to be a blackjack dealer in Tahoe. I remember a few of the dealers being able to twist the deck up like a rose. Could never get the hang of that one!

Jingle Poetry said...

the first line grab me instantly,
I love card games, I have been playing ever since I was seven.
beautiful writing.

NanU said...

Jingle: thank you for the invitations, but I'm cutting down on the memes I do.