Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey, you! Live gently

Brian's theme for this week's Poetry Jam is Will Write For... a cause of some sort. I'm not a big cause person (like I'm not a quotation person, but that doesn't stop me participating in memes), perhaps because I'm afraid of getting started. Throwing myself into a cause - can't just dabble in these things; it's not serious - somehow should mean I'm committed to it. And I know that either the committment would either eat up my life, or I wouldn't be committed and it would just be a joke.
I know! I know. It doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing deal.
But somehow it is. I have yet to find the right balance.
Anyway here's my Awareness poem.

This blue marvel

Was here long before you.
It gave rise to everything that is here.
It breathes
and shifts
and coughs with the swell of the tide.
We forget that the landscape is not fixed
that cliffs should crumble and fall
and shorelines advance or retreat
and that rivers may change their routes.
We try to be stronger than the forces that
move continents across the seas
and raise mountains from plains.
With our engineers
and our concrete
and our hubris
we try to stop the planet from shifting in its sleep.
In that we fail.
Instead we succeed in scraping bare the delicate living crust
replacing meadows with suffocating asphalt
chasing down animals to the last of their kind.
Will we learn to live gently on this earth
Before there is nothing but ourselves left of it ?


Brian Miller said...

nice...i like the acknowledgement that the earth does change itself and likely will well before we truly harm it enough...but we do need to respect it more...trash, useless deforestation, poisoning the waterhole...it will come back to haunt us...

Titus said...

Liked this very much. Great opening.

steven said...

this is lovely and thoughtful writing nancy. steven

Enchanted Oak said...

I agree with Titus: Your opening knocks me flat, and there I lie, as you pilot this fragile boat on an ocean of destruction.

Jinksy said...

Nice idea, to live gently...