Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I do have a "serious" poem in mind for this week's Poetry Jam, but it isn't ready yet and it's almost time for the next theme. So the silly one while I get my act in gear for Always Looking Up:

At 10:38, the Air France to Paris CDG lifts off and magestically turns northward
At 10:39, the Air France to Paris Orly lifts off and magestically turns northward
looking exactly the same.
You wonder: why are they two?
They fade into the hazy distance
as the Lyon-Bordeaux crosses their trails
much higher up,
linking the eastern cumulous group
to the western cirrus.
The Paris-Toulous weaves its strand
into the contrail tartan
before the high breezes
disperse them.


Bagman and Butler said...

It may be silly, but I like it, particularly how the planes and contrails blend into the clouds and air streams. Hope you are doing well.

The Bug said...

Fun! Mike is a plane spotting man - we live near Wright Patterson Air Force Base & he's forever telling me there goes a... whatever - I usually don't know what he's talking about :)

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Nice write. I do not like to fly and live in an area where those Jets fly to low. No peace. Very clever.