Monday, August 8, 2011

That summer season

I was looking at the photo at the bottom of Poetry Jam, a photo I took in my kitchen just for the Jam kickoff, and had to laugh: this past weekend I bought a new 6-pack of jars so I could preserve pasta sauce in easy, cooking-for-one quantities.
There's not an empty jar in sight this time of the year. Many of my jars are living at friends' houses for the moment. Some of them will come back and be refilled. Some won't, and the friends will get new ones. Most of the jars are in my kitchen filled with stuff. One has roasted pine nuts, another has bay leaves. One's in the freezer full of pesto. The rest form an impressive array of toast-topping. There's ginger-peach, raspberry-peach, burlat cherry, griotte cherry, and a lingering collection of last year's apricot-berry, blackberry, and blueberry. Far more jam than I can eat before needing yet more (and more!) jars for the fast-approaching blackberry season.
Though, with all that in the cupboard, I could skip blackberry jam. I could.

Yeah, right!
Not making jam is not a solution. I'll just have to round up the empties at the friends'.


Bagman and Butler said...

Drooling as usual.

Bagman and Butler said...

PS: Any advance notice on what the theme will be for next Monday's poetry jam? I need all the time I can get.

The Bug said...

I was about to be appalled that you would skip blackberry season - but you came to your senses to I didn't have to yell at you :)

And I'm drooling too!