Wednesday, August 3, 2011

J'espère que vous allez bien

I received a nice little postcard in the mail the other day. Sylvie had sent a beautiful image of Chaves, Portugal and its arched roman bridge across the river. She wrote about how nice and warm it was there, and how they would finish their week of vacation in Porto. Then she gave her good wishes for our health and signed off with a kiss.
Like thousands of postcards circulating around this earth.
I went out in the yard and read it out loud to the trees and the sky. The card was addressed, you see, to the former tenants of my house, who have not lived here for more than five years. In fact, I think they have both passed away.
It left me wondering, when I die, who will be sending me postcards years afterwards? How do we tie up all those loose ends?


steven said...

the guy who owned this home before us is an anaesthetist so we get all sorts of cool magazines and invitations to attend conferences in really warm, fun places. he hasn't lived here for eleven years. hmmmm. it was nice of you to read the postcard out loud to the world!! steven

shabby girl said...

I suspect that you were reading it to them. That was very thoughtful. :)