Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Menus

This week's Friday My Town Shootout is Menus.
We'll get to that.
First an update on last week's Shootout, Local Heroes.Remember our boy from last week, with the comic book name? Vercingétorix, yeah.
Well, he's acquired an accessory.

One we're all very proud of!
ASM (Association Sportive de Montferrand, our rugby team) supporters turned out en masse for the French Top 14 final on Saturday. 45,000 people just in the central square. That's a third of the population.
In their 99-year existence, the ASM had played the final 10 times.
And lost it 10 times, including the past three years straight.

Here's Napoliani Nalaga, about to score the only touchdown of the game (pic from the ASM website).
But this time...
the 11th try...
We won!

Champions at last!
Oh, menus. Umm. Just a ruse to get you to marvel at the ASM!!!! Didn't get around to photographing any of the menus around town. It's been a busy past couple of weeks. Yesterday at lunch the menu, as I recall, was:
pick one starter
- green salad
- lentil salad
- meat paté
choose a main dish and veg
- roast lamb
- stuffed tomato & stuffed zucchini
- mixed veg
- rice with tomato sauce
a dessert
- fruit
- yogurt
- cheese
- crème caramel
and a beverage
- water
- wine
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Ann said...

You coming to New Zealand for next year's rugby world cup?

CollectIn Texas Gal said...


Manang Kim said...

Wow congratulations!! Smiles are everywhere and your food does sounds all yummy. Happy weekend!


Barry said...

Congratulations ASM! 11th was the charm!

Roast lamb is cruel, though. My favourite meal--and something I haven`t had in over a year. But, oh my, just the memory of the taste has made my day.

GingerV said...

thats cheating but who cares!

Pauline said...

Love the bright flag of victory! I guess a Kiwi would feel quite at home there after all, with all that rugby madness. As Ann said, it will reach fever pitch here next year with the Rugby World Cup. We will have two games played locally but neither featuring the national team unfortunately. But my Canadian son-in-law is happy that he has somewhere to stay when he comes to watch his nation's team.

Redlan said...

I like the photos and introduction before you shared your menu. It's like i was entertained before I ate. Thanks for sharing.

Doreen said...

congrats you the win!!

steven said...

asm rules!!! as for the menu - hey i'll take one of everything and share it 'round the table. steven