Friday, June 25, 2010

Water Shootout

This week's My Town Shootout theme is water. Lakes, streams, water of all sorts. Have a glass of nice, cold San Pellegrino. I know, I know, I'm against bottled water too, with all the waste of bottling and transportation when the stuff on tap is perfectly good. I never, ever buy water in bottles unless - it's for taking hiking (and then I usually reuse one of the bottles hanging around the house), - I'm in a place where the tap is not reliable (Algeria...), or it's bubbly San Pel standing in for a soft drink.
While you're enjoying your refreshment, I'm going to go back to two weeks ago, to Public Art, which I missed due to too much work and too much rain. Monday I had a free afternoon in Paris, so I went to hunt the Monsieur Chats (or would that be Monsieurs Chat, like Attorneys General...?) that furtively decorate the skyline, with their happy yellow and broad toothy grins, of an otherwise grey and dull town.
The view from the park in front of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. There are at least 2 M Chats in this picture!
A quick lens change reveals one. And the other one.

Just two doors down from my hotel was the only M Chat in the 17 arrondisement, at 277 Blvd Pereire. Graffiti'd over! Just a peek of ears and a twitch of tail left. Alas, a good many of Monsieur's images have been painted over by rivals, or removed by the city, so it is quite a treasure hunt to find them.

Time for a refill?
34 rue Damesnil, between the Bastille Opera and Gare de Lyon. An ordinary Paris street?
With a lurking guest.
An ordinary view of rue du Roi d'Algers...with Monsieur!
Some Paris graffiti is not as cheerful as our yellow friend.

Rue Drevet in Montmartre.
It is a bit strange to copyright a graffiti, and only half of them have their c.

Finished? I've got more...
... but I'll leave them for another time. For the next two weeks I'm on vacation, taking a tour of family and friends in the southeastern quarter of the US, so I might miss the Shootout (especially Urban Macro shots, which requires new photos), but do stop by to see non-shootout adventures. Maurice will be along for the fun. In fact, I'll be in Charleston/Mt Pleasant SC, Mark, around July 4-5-6!
For more on the story of Monsieur Chat, and more of his perches in Paris, click here!
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Sara Williams said...

Great shoot out, love the shots of your water!

Tabor said...

It seems to be a most popular graffiti theme. I wonder if you could find similar graffiti themes in your tour of S.C.

GingerV said...

OKAY Tabor I will suggest a topic of Graffiti in your town....

GingerV said...

I love it. all the photos of Paris and I have not one of that smile. I avoid taking photos of graffiti - I will start paying more attention. have a great trip home... seems like you were just there - shows how time is flying.

Jama said...

Some of the graffiti are so nicely done! over here, graffiti are illegal,anyone caught doing that on public property is liable for fine and jail!

NanU said...

I bet you have at least one, Ginger, if you look really carefully! Did you photograph the spectacular Saint Michel fountain? Look just above and to the right. You can't see it from every angle, but there's our yellow friend.

Sarah said...

Whahahahahah I looove it the cat is darling!! Wonderful delightful shoot out hon.. May I have another glass please?? :)

SOL said...

I enjoyed the tour!

Manang Kim said...

Great post makes me laugh with that "Tadaa"! Happy weekend!

FSO~The pond

steven said...

nanu i love the monsier chat pics. i remember your last post about him!!! so cool. nice water pics also. safe fun memorable journey for you. steven

Doreen said...

the shot of the refill shot made me giggle. great shoot out!! the first shot of Paris is amazing! looks like it goes forever.

Redlan said...

I love your introduction and the photo of glass of water. Done it great.

Ann said...

as I watch your graffiti photos, I think of the Swiss man who is causing a big storm in Singapore for graffitti he drew on their MRT train.