Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Progress report

..............................Construction continues apace here at the Centre Jean Perrin.The ambulance entrance makes me laugh. The doctor's parking lot is just to the right and it too has a arm to limit access. Only, the other entrance is wider, and they seem to have confused the two barrier arms. The other one is too short: it looks silly and you can just drive around it. This one is too long. But instead of switching them around, they just moved the wire dividing fence to accommodate the too-long arm!
And doesn't that paving look nice? That was a couple of months ago, and now that it's rained a few times, and again a few times, the whole thing is a potholed mess. It's not real asphalt, just
a sort of half-baked, temporary surface that will have to be redone soon. These photos are from just two weeks ago. The new radiotherapy wing got very close to done on the outside, before things seemed to come to a stop. I was hoping they'd just go on and finish it quickly, so that this side would be done and the site could be cleaned up and parking restored, and all the workers shifted over to the larger building going up on the other side. But that's not the plan, it seems.
What do I know about building, though? With construction teams being so specialized these days, maybe the guys who pour concrete don't do anything else, or we're waiting for electricians to arrive. Or something.
Opening 2012!


shabby girl said...

It is coming along though. One of these days, all of the mess will seem like a bad dream. :)

Captain Dumbass said...

The hospital my wife just delivered in is a mess of decade after decade of add-ons. They're supposed to be starting construction on a new one in a couple of years but that didn't help with my 10k walks from her room to the cafeteria.

What? Speedy access to coffee is important.

Ronda Laveen said...

I always wonder at who and why people make such bad decissions. To many cooks in the kitchen mostly I think.