Thursday, June 3, 2010

Abstract from the Journal of Striped Equines

Empirical data suggests that zebra-mojo works best on the preferred zebraday. Analysis of 23 blogzebras showed an activity index of 3.1 on Thursdays, which decreased to 1.2 on Fridays and was essentially zero on other days. Activity of 0.4 on Wednesdays was suggestive but not significant.
The mechanism for this weekly peak in activity is unknown. One possibility is that zebras themselves prefer Thursdays, when they gather for scones and cappucino, or perhaps lemon loaf, at Starbucks. Another possibility is that the followers of zebras believe that Thursday is the best day to invoke them: this positive thinking reinforces any sporadic positive outcomes in a sort of placebo effect, resulting in a virtuous spiral of increasing efficiency.
The lesser activity seen on Fridays is likely to be an artifact of measurement. Thursday has heretofore been strictly defined as Thursday in continental France. As the planet turns in front of the sun, however, Thursday may come to be defined differently as one moves to the west. Correction for this effect is underway. Research is ongoing into this intriguing phenomenon.


Niamh B said...

I think this is probably my favourite Zebra Thursday to date, informative and insightful

Argent said...

A most enlightening post. Further study is no doubt warranted.

Titus said...

I love a scientist online!

I saw a great newspaper advert with a zebra in it and forgot to tear it out. Rats.