Thursday, June 17, 2010

One person's platitude is another's...

Is it my brain that doesn't work like other people's?
A friend posted on facebook the other day not to get discouraged, to take heart because tomorrow is another day and you can start all over again.
Start over?!
No way.
I worked my butt off to get through yesterday; no way am I going to restart from scratch. Tomorrow builds on today, just as today builds on yesterday. It's being Sisyphus that would discourage me, not give me heart. Even if today has not been great, it has something to contribute.


Tabor said...

So true. It is all building upon itself...my question...building to what?

NanU said...

Building to the totality of one's life. Going on, in any case, not repeating or stagnating.

shabby girl said...

I like your attitude! I read in another blog this morning about moving forward, with faith. I like that one too.

Sarah said...

Whahahaha I love it..they like it that way!! Giggle..it must be that rocks just love my house and hanging around my rock hound hubby and all the pebble puppies...my basement looks like a museum of mineral specimens!!
I do though...understand the collecting thing...I tend to snag a special one when we go places too! That geode is stunning! Love it when the insides are beautiful!!

Argent said...

That's it, rage against the plantitudes! Was it a duck-billed platitude?