Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great Green Massacre

Remember my yard? Where the grass is knee-high and the cats get lost in it?

Well, I came home from running errands on Saturday, and was stunned.
An alien!
It was Jerome, and his weed whacker, laying waste to my weeds!
Not without my permission, but it practically wasn't my yard any more.

Now I have plenty of clean-up to do.

The cats are uncovered. The mice and birds can see them coming now.
I see you, Bandersnatch!

I haven't gathered the hay from even half the yard yet, and already the haystack is monstrous.
It does kind of look like a regular yard, though. Like I should get a croquet set or something.
Now I'm going to have to get the lawnmower fixed, too.


Titus said...

The mice! What happened to the mice?!

Tabor said...

We have a problem with ticks that carry diseases in our woods and so my lawn cannot be left to its own devices!

NanU said...

I think the mice are probably ok, Titus. They had plenty of warning, and the cats were all cowering in the basement, away from the noise.

Tabor - I never ever walk in the yard without shoes on, because I keep finding odd bits of metal hiding. And certain prickly plants aren't nice to step on. But it's quite a developed area so there aren't the larger wild animals about to give me a real tick problem.

Sara Williams said...

Love your photos and your garden looks lovely.

Kerry said...

This reminds me that our own yard needs mowing. (Darn all this rain that makes things grow so fast.) Your cats look like they're having fun exploring the new world of Short Grass!