Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mister Cat

It started in Orleans, but all over Paris there are graffitis of 'Monsieur Chat'.

At the School of Fine Arts.

High atop the famous fountain Saint Michel.

And perched high on walls & chimneys all across town.
There are 50+ M Chats in Paris. At least 80 have been painted, but not everyone likes graffiti on their building, and some were temporary anyway. I scored 15 on my weekend in Paris, and hope to someday have a 'complete' set.

Now that I've pointed them out to my friends Letitia & Bruno, they're going to be seeing them all over!

Do you have M Chat in your city?



steven said...

only in my heart!!! so cute. so cool!! steven

Argent said...

Oh, I wish I did have some M Chats here. Maybe I should create some. I never heard of him before, thanks for ringing him to my attention.

Ronda Laveen said...

No we don't have M Chat but I think he's charming. I hope you do get a full collection. Sounds fun.