Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Remembrance

« Remembrance » is certainly something I want to blog about, but on my own terms. Not as a part of a weekly meme. A real tribute is not something to come up with on command.

So I was planning on skipping this week’s FSO.

And then my parents lost their beloved Kisha.
So, after all, we’ll have a special issue of Cat of the Month.

Kisha was a Traveling Cat.
She went in cars. She went camping. She traveled across the country.
She went for walks on a leash.
Down the driveway, down the street, around the block.
She went out in the sun, and out in the snow, but usually she stayed in.
She stayed in and got fat. So my parents got a second cat. A young cat to chase the first cat around and get it a little exercise.
Kisha did not think much of this. She was a cat of much character, and held strong opinions on many subjects. Like the proper fluffiness of cushions, and the quality of kibble, and how much petting one should receive. The newbie was not only as impertinent as the grandchildren, but it did not go away after a few days. Detente was eventually reached, and it was observed that often the newbie stayed in, too. Maybe it’s trainable after all.
Sweet mousy dreams, Kisha!
All photos by Mom.
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GingerV said...

this is going to go right at the top of favorite all time (not FSO) posts. you excelled.

Patty said...

Beautiful tribute to a wonderful feline. I am very happy you posted this week. That is my kind of tribute. Having five cats I can relate.

Tabor said...


Kerry said...

Hi Nan. I feel the same way about remembrance and just can't come up with the right approach, so nothing from me this week. We lost our own cranky cat last month; I wrote about it at the time but can't bring myself to do it again.

Sorry to hear about Kisha though. A camping cat? Walked on leash? Sounds great to me! I am sure she is sorely missed.

Barry said...

Alas poor Kisha, a remarkable cat indeed. We've had many cats over the years but none who willingly went in cars.

SOL said...

What a beautiful cat! I am sorry for your parents for losing their kitty.

Chef E said...

Oh Nanu! My daughter loved cats, and I forgo allergies so she could have the interaction that helped her speak her first words 'Ki ki'...not mom or dad, but a cat named Creeper who was orange and black we got in October.

Love this, and your are right it is hard to produce on command, so thanks for the great post!

Ann said...

I used to work with two fairly elderly people. They don't have families and their cats were their companions. They said I would never understand how they feel because I have a family.

I am sure your mum and dad will feel the loss greatly.

Rebecca said...

Amazing how our pets really do become members of the family.

Bagman and Butler said...

I struggled with this theme too but this morning, reading your post and others, I think it was a cleansing theme.

Pauline said...

Thanks for that post, Nan. Loved it!

~JarieLyn~ said...

Oh, if I had a cat I'd want one just like that. Great post.

P.S. Thank you for your commetn about my sister. I personally have not seen a geneticist, but my sister had the testing done and she does carry that horrible gene and was told that my brother and I probably do too. I am going to get screened and tested soon.

Argent said...

Kisha sounds like an amazing cat! It's a shame she's no longer around. Your tribute were pitched just right: a mixture of funny and sad.

A Scattering said...

A very sweet story. Cat's grab our hearts and won't let go.